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The skin is more than a barrier. Skin functions as an interface between a human body and the outside world. Consider the skin as an extension of our nervous system, it merges with the environment in a continuous water phase, as a thermal regulator, an immune organ, a sensing organ, an intricate system of communication and an incredible multipurpose defense system.

SKINCARE-ON-LINE will focus on the Stratum Corneum. This tiny bit of tissue, about as thick as a skinny sheet of paper, deserves a dominant place in your thinking. Without the Stratum Corneum, humans could not survive. We could live with only a part of one kidney, almost no liver, one lung, a malfunctioning heart, no leg, eye, ear and so on, but we cannot live with the loss of even a relatively small amount of Stratum Corneum. Widespread loss of epidermis results in the severe complications of dehydration and infection. So critical is the Stratum Corneum to life that the keratinocyte, the cell that becomes a corneocyte, is endowed with extraordinary powers to survive – more than any other cell in the body.

Pier Auge provides a complete, extensive and varied offer respecting and protecting the skin. The discovery, 50 years ago, that the skin is an emulsion made of proteins, lipids, water, and mineral salts was revolutionizing medical research and turned the cosmetology industry upside down. Pier Auge, the founder of the brand, reflect on, as kin is a formula, it shall be possible to reproduce it, and, driven by his respect for beauty, created and developed the composition of the skin’s formula. A new and exclusive concept in the cosmetic world, naming it the Base Dergyl. This concept respects the epidermis and all its functions. Giving back to the skin what belongs to it allows the skin to defend and restore itself naturally.

The consultation is Holistic in nature, taking into consideration your blood group, lifestyle and hobbies. Please do not submit the incorrect blood group as this will surely influence the skin analysis and outcome of your skincare negatively.

You are about to enjoy individual and personal care from 25 years experience in the field of skincare!