LE SOIN Regenerating Smoothing


The smoothing treatment for stressed skin

Aged 30-50 years / Stressed and tired skins


Hyper-protein –enriched firming complex
Firms the skin up.
Creates a smooth, resistant and elastic film on the skin.
Reduces wrinkles.

Hydrating* and anti-stress complex
Contained Hyaluronic Acid, powerful moisturizer* combined with calming and repairing vitamin B5.
Fixes water and improves skin’s moisture levels.

Firming complex
Protects elastin fibers.
Stimulates collagen synthesis.
Restores skin’s firmness and tonicity.

Borage Oil
Softening and regenerating.
Fights against skin’s dryness and ageing.

Cereal germs Oil (Corn, Sunflower and Soy)

Softening and protecting.

Wheat germs oil
Nourishing and protecting.
Suited to dehydrated skin.

Encapsulated vitamins A, E and C
Powerful antioxidants.
Fight against ageing and bring radiance to the complexion.

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck previously cleansed.

Hydrate* the skin, strengthen its resistance to pollution and stress aggressions and smooth the shapes.
LE SOIN TEINTE wraps the skin into a light tanned veil for a radiant and luminous complexion.

A real tensor effect to relax and revitalize the skin all day long !

Jar: 50ml, Unctuous cream

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