COMPLÉTUDE Regenerating Tri-active Treatment


Aged 40-60 years / Dry and sensitive skins
Gentle anti-ageing treatment !


hp DNA
Powerful antioxidant.
Traps free radicals and fights against skin ageing.
Encourages tissues renewal.

Hyaluronic Acid
Stocks water into cells.
Maintains skin’ suppleness and elasticity.

Bifidus extract
Protects from cells damage.
Stimulates the natural cellular mechanisms of DNA repair.

Natural anti-radicals complex
Traps free radicals.

Natural firming agent (from wheat proteins)
Fights against loss of elasticity and skin dehydration.
Natural tensor effect.

Corn Phytostimulines
Stimulate cell respiration.
Help skin renewal.

Vitamin C
Antioxidant, it fights against ageing.
Stimulates collagen synthesis.

Borage Oil
Softening and regenerating.
Fights against skin’s dryness and ageing.

Oil and extract of Wheat germs
Enriched in omega 6 and vitamins A and E.
Protect cell membranes.
Provide softness to the skin.

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck previously cleansed.

Regenerates, protects the skin and fights against skin ageing.
The skin is smooth, soft and supple.

Complete nourishing and anti-ageing treatment suited to the driest and most sensitive skins.

Jar: 50ml, Unctuous cream

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