ADN SOIE Body Revitalizing Lotion


Voluptuousness and comfort.

This complete body treatment revitalises, nourishes and energises the skin while maintaining its elasticity and suppleness.

Daily, after showering, apply all over the body. A moisturizing and revitalizing treatment for the body on a daily basis.

Hydrates, nourishes and strengthens elasticity to prevent skin aging. Can also be used as an after-sun or post-depilation.

Light and melting texture, absorbs instantly and leaves the skin soft and velvety with a sweet scent.

All ages and all skin types.

Hp DNA: powerful antioxidant, traps free radicals and fights against skin aging.

Corn phytostimulins: stimulate cellular respiration, help skin regeneration.

Moisturizing complex: composition close to NMF, promotes water binding, provides flexibility.


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