ADN PRECIEUX Youth Firming Serum


Aged 40 years and older / Slackening skin
Anti-slackening booster!

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hp DNA
Powerful antioxidant.
Traps free radicals and fights against skin ageing.
Encourages tissues renewal.

Hyaluronic Acid
Stocks water into cells.
Maintains skin’ suppleness and elasticity.

Malachite extract
Enriched in Copper : antioxidant and detoxifying properties.

Smithsonite extract
Enriched in Zinc : protects cells DNA.

Rhodocrosite extract
Enriched in Manganese : protects the fibroblasts (cells from conjunctive tissues).

Hyper-protein –enriched firming complex
Firms the skin up.
Creates a smooth, resistant and elastic film on the skin.
Reduces wrinkles.

Borage and cereal germs oils
Softening and regenerating virtues.
Fight against skin’s dryness and ageing.

Vitamins C and E
Trap free radicals and fight against ageing.
Stimulate collagen synthesis.

Apply daily to the face and neck, previously cleansed under the skincare product corresponding to the skin type.
Massage it to penetrate into the skin from the middle of the face to outwards.

Fights against the slackening and sagging of the skin oval and neck.
Firmed and reshaped, the skin becomes smoother, toner and firmer.

Semi-precious stones enriched in trace elements for an optimum anti-ageing efficacy.

Airless bottle: 30ml, Fluid emulsion


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